GOCHI-SO KNIFE offers a window into the world of Japanese forged knife, especially Echizen Uchihamono, which is designated as the traditional craftwork by the Japanese government.

Echizen region is one of the most famous  production centre of knives in Japan.  It has more than 700 year historical tradition in Takefu, Fukui prefecture.  The blacksmiths including legendary Takeshi Saji and young talented Yu Kurosaki, are experts forging hot iron into sharp blade with strong and skillful hammer strokes. 

The strongest point of Echizen Uchihamono is not only cutting so well and long lasting, but also an artistic design. 

I hope that you may feel an air of craftsmanship and rediscover the enjoyment of using authentic handmade knives. It would enrich your life by taking the time for cooking, camping, fishing, hunting, bush crafting and so on.