Fukui prefecture is located in the  Hokuriku  

region on Honshū (main) island.

There are so many historical and cultural spots for sightseeing and full of highlights such as Japanese-style hot spring inns, the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum with world’s leading exhibitions.

Echizen Uchihamono (cutting instruments), Echizen Washi (Japanese paper), Echizen lacquer ware are famous as local traditional crafts nationally.

Local dishes are generally simple but tasty and healthy such as goma tofu, Echizen oroshi soba noodle, saba bo-zushi (a mackerel sushi roll). You can enjoy an authentic Japanese  cuisine in everywhere in the prefecture. Especially seafood in winter is highly recommended.

Eiheiji temple is famous for Zen. You can experience Zen meditation there too.


Echizen is a great manufacturing area from acient times and are in the country where there are five traditional crafts, Echizen Uchihamono (knives), Echizen Nuri (lacquer ware), Echizen Yaki (pottery), Echizen Washi (paper), and Echizen Tansu (chest of drawers) in 10 km radius.

Historically these traditional crafts have developed closely with the community. They have been blessed with beautiful nature and have become part of living and food culture now.

Takefu (Central Echizen)

Takefu Knife Village

Takefu Knife Village is in the south-east part of central Takefu. There are workshops of the union members and a shop of cutting instruments such as cooking knives, hunting knives, fishing knives, sickles, hatchets.

It was jointly established by companies and artisans for working efficiently and improving the status of Echizen Uchihamono at the very  beginning.

You can make a field trip to  the workshops and see how the blacksmiths forge knives actually. You can experience making a knife at the building next to the main workshops

main building of Takefu knife village

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