Yu Kurosaki

Hitting a global smash

Yu Kurosaki is one of the most popular and talented blacksmiths in Takefu . His works are much more sofisticated in terms of design and high degree of completion.

He has become  a master of traditional crafts certificated by the Japanese government in early winter of 2018 at the age of 39.

His works attract attentions from all over the world. Some of the top chefs known globally are using his knives all the time. He has had a flood of orders, more than 9000 knives, and the number of orders still goes on increasing year by year.

He is just about to open the door of legendary global blacksmith.


Yoshimi Kato

Running well and fast

Yoshimi Kato is son-in law of Hiroshi Kato, who is a mentor of Kurosaki san in the first stage of his careear.


Kato san was a project manager of a construction company, but he left his job and then started his second career as blacksmith and he has been running Kato Uchihamono after five short years working as an apprentice.

The knives he forges look so cool, needless to say cutting very well. The pattern of damascus or "suminagashi" is achieved by exposing the many layers of steel .

He is an athlete too and takes part in 100m competition in civic athletics event every year. He is fabulously active and cheerful. Faithful users are fascinated with not only his knives but also his human nature.

expert of single bevel knives

Hideo Kitaoka

Hideo Kitaoka is a master of single bevel knives. 

He is the 3rd generation in his family to be a blacksimith and he is the only one who is specializing in single bevel blades or "kataha" in Takefu Knife Village now.

Deba and Yanagiba are mainly for cutting fish and both are single bevel knives. You can see them mostly at Japanese restaurants. His knives have had a reputation for Japanese cuisine field and well known globally. You need to wait for more than half a year to get his knife but definitely worth while to do so.

Big master of the knife world

Takeshi Saji

Kazuo Nomura

young leader of Saji Uchihamono

Nao Yamamoto

full of imaginations and techniques

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